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Christopher Lampe

Like many of our now familiar faces in Downtown St. Pete (DTSP), Chris Lampe is a transplant. Hailing from California, Chris has literally worked his way around the world to settle in his wife’s native St. Petersburg. Chris & Sarah Lampe live downtown with their infant daughter Evelyn.


Having traveled to more than 50 countries, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, run with the bulls in Pamplona and sailed across the Atlantic Ocean…Chris has embraced the vibrant downtown life and culture and is proud to call St. Pete his forever home.


He started this Faces of Downtown St Pete to highlight the parts of this town that make it a community and not just a city. Visit us often to learn about some of the artists, entrepreneurs, students, philanthropists, musicians, community organizers and leaders that make up the fabric of DTSP.


Christopher Lampe

Real Estate Consultant

Phone: (727) 295-8330

Email: chrismlampe@gmail.com

Website: clampe.kw.com


Christopher Lampe Real Estate Consultantwould love your Faces nominations.